Welcome to the New & Improved Abbys Good Stuff

I’m still committed to finding the web’s best Free Stuff, the Fun Games and Contests, the interesting & fun websites, the good Shopping Bargains and other helpful resources…

(The old freebies database is still online – and probably will be for a month or so – you can still get to it, and all the freebies archived, from this link.)

 I’d Love to hear what you think about the new design and features! Over the next few weeks I’ll be tweaking the design and adding features – based, in part, on the suggestions I get from you – so Share what you think!

Update: February 28 – it’s been just over a month since I started this site rebuild and I’ve gotten a bunch of emails with great feedback on the new site design ~ I’m paying close attention to your comments and I Really Appreciate all of them!

Some stuff I’ve already been able to implement, and more are in the works… most notably there will be a Members Only Area with goodies that you will be able to access: games and such, and members will have limited access to the dashboard where you can upload your own avatar and make changes to your profile…

To leave a suggestion or a comment, just register and use one of the handy-dandy comment forms… or use the form on the Contact Us page if you don’t want to comment publicly.

(NOTE: Registering for this site allows you to make comments and enter the Members Area – but it does NOT add your email to the newsletter list)

NOTE: I try to add at least ten new goodies every day, which means that previous goodies get pushed to page 2 pretty quick, so be sure to check the older pages and/or the Freebie Categories too.

I’ve listed a about 300 new freebies so far – just go to the ‘New Stuff’ page or check the categories and see if there’s anything you would like to get.
…and don’t forget; the old site archives are still online and most of those freebies are still good too.


Thanks for visiting today!  :)






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