The Secret Of Composing An Undergraduate Dissertation Body Part

If you’re on the body part of your dissertation then clearly you must have covered the basics of your essay structure that is:

  • Preliminaries
  • Title page consisting of the title of the dissertation, table of contents (highly important), formal notices such as the declaration of originality, acknowledgments and other technical aspects such as the different initials in the text, etc.
  • An abstract which basically serves as a summary of your dissertation in order to give the reader a brief overview of the entire essay.


Now, the first and foremost element of your thesis after getting done with the aforementioned elements is the introduction. You’re essentially supposed to state simply in clear words the objectives and goals of your research. The objectives should be articulated well.

Make sure to make the context of your thesis essay is clear to the reader whether it is historic in nature, narrative or simply academic in the case of homework. You’re supposed to mention the hypothesis of your thesis being tested and any other questions that are to be answered in the essay along with the necessary exclusions and outline of your research and essay.

Literature Review

Whether you’re writing your term paper or simply providing details of your homework assignment, a literature review is an essential. This is supposed to outline significant work conducted on the topic you’ve chosen. Your literature review should consist of the following salient features:

  • Correct citation (in-text and references)
  • Correct dates
  • Summary of what you’ve researched in terms of previous work

Regarding literature review, you have the option of looking up term papers from your electronic library or university libraries. In case, you’re unable to cite or research on your own then you have the option of using freelance services but make sure to opt for the most experienced freelance writers.


The methodology section of your report is supposed to serve as a strategic guide relating to all the ways in which you covered all the facts along with the constraints faced in the research. Your methodology covers the following essentials:

  • Variables
  • Constraints
  • Choice of method
  • Dependent and independent variables

The heart of your dissertation is to come after this where you tie all the pieces together and offer the outcome of your thesis. Make sure to add the references and appendices at the very end as proof of your research and methodology.