List Of 10 Doctoral Dissertation Topics On Small Business

A doctoral dissertation is a very important step in the education process of a student. They are assigned to write one in the final stages of their higher studies courses and it must be good enough to win them critical praise and acclaim from the academic sphere. However, this is easier said than done since writing a proper paper takes a lot of foresight, preparation, knowledge and skill.

You must first choose a topic connected to small business that is relevant in the modern world and understand how you can flesh it out. Make sure that there is sufficient content available to create a good paper. Moreover, the topic must be appealing to your professors as well as your readers. It should be simple and well-written but at the same time the paper must be thought-provoking and challenging enough to leave a good impression.

This is why we have taken the trouble of choosing the topics on your behalf so that you are spared the hassle of going through numerous choices and getting more confused. A list of the most effective doctoral dissertation topics on small businesses is listed below.

List of topics

  1. What are the main reform policies that have been introduced for the majority of SMEs in Indonesia? How are they relevant to the emerging economy?
  2. Conduct an extensive research to identify and effectively remove any kind of barriers that are faced by non-traditional Department of Defence suppliers in Nigeria.
  3. What is the connection that exists between strategic sourcing and small business? Is there any way to utilise the lessons learnt from past research in the context of recent information?
  4. How is it possible for the United States to improve the Federal and the Department of Defence’s use of Service Disabled Veteran Owned Businesses? What are the possible barriers that might cause problems?
  5. What do you understand by the concept of employer provided health insurance? Why do you think it is important and what are the evidences that point towards it being in existence in the future?
  6. What are the problems that small firms face when trying to self-insure?
  7. Write an essay on the entrepreneurship practices prevalent in the United States and India along with their mobility, social ties and policies.
  8. Do you think the Affordable Care Act would lead to reductions in employer sponsored coverage?
  9. Is it possible for minor group health insurance regulations to affect the size of small businesses?
  10. What are the rules for small businesses to opt out of health reform?