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  Lingerie today is supposed to be feminine, sensual, elegant, and exciting. With this in mind we present you much more than just a selection of underwear; these are the most intimate clothes - they can make you feel confident and powerful, help you develop your identity and awaken your sexuality.

Plus Size Lingerie     ( Lingerie Buying Tips )

Other than the most ultra-conservative, there isn't a man alive who doesn't have a strong appreciation for sexy, lacy, curvy, sensuous female lingerie.

What man doesn't enjoy getting home and finding his lover waiting for him dressed in some sexy lingerie? What women doesn't enjoy the feeling of looking sensuous when she's wearing a few lacy items - items that accentuate her natural curves and make her all the more exciting?

  Whether you are looking for lingerie or costumes that enhance your voluptuous curves, or flatters your figure, we can assist you with your choice... scroll to the bottom for our helpful tips to find the perfect look and fit you've been looking for!

Chocolate is soon gone, flowers die and even modest jewelry can be a strain on the budget. Sexy lingerie, on the other hand, is the gift that truly keeps on giving! What couple doesn't get turned on when she is dressed in something sheer & sexy - and he is sporting a satin set of briefs with a matching robe?

  Here's a small selection of intimates from Abbys Lingerie Shop:

There's a Lot (about 100,000) of intimates and accessories to see at Abbys Lingerie Shop!

We are enticed by a dazzling array of lingerie styles, colors, and textures. When we want to enhance our silhouette, we can easily do it - without having to endure the tortures of ages past. (Whalebone corsets, anyone? I don't think so!)

New seamless support garments mold our figures gently but firmly, with new blends of breathable fabrics. Bras come in dozens of styles, and padded bras can create amazing cleavage effects.

But most of all, modern lingerie is fun. It's a personal pleasure, and a great way to indulge your romantic side. Enjoy.

Plus Size Lingerie     ( Lingerie Buying Tips )









Lingerie Buying Tips

Every woman's body is different - that's why lingerie has so many different designs. Here is a brief guide that should help in finding the best lingerie style for your personal shape.

Whatever your height and weight you can find lingerie that is attractive, sexy and flattering! Take the time to choose the right size and style for your shape - it's worth it.

Most Common Lingerie Styles, Definitions & Descriptions:
Babydoll - A short gown that fits snugly around the bust and flares toward hemline.
Basque - Tight fitting bodice, basque is a 20th century name for a corset.
Bodice - a tight fitting corset worn laced over a blouse or as an undergarment.
Body - One piece skin tight garment, often sleeveless, covering the torso & fastening under the crotch.
Bodystocking - Often worn by dancers to appear nude, it is skin tight from wrists to ankles.
Briefs - Underpants without legs, for men or women.
Bustier - A strapless 'elongated' bra that provides extra lift to the breasts.
Camiknickers - Knickers attached to a camisole top, which straps over your shoulders & buttons at the crotch.
Camisole - Sleeveless top, often paired with matching undies or worn under a jacket.
Chemise - A straight gown that 'skims' the body.
Corset - A very tight fitting lingerie used to shape the body and define the waist.
Denier - Used to gauge the thickness of hosiery, the lower the denier the sheerer the stockings or tights.
G-string - A strip of cloth worn between the legs & attached to a waistband.
Garter - An elastic ribbon or band, originally used to hold up stockings (before suspenders). Now used to titillate & often worn by brides or just for fun.
Negligee - A loose, sheer, gown... with a matching sheer robe it becomes a Peignoir set.
Pajamas - Pants and top, originally styled after men's pjs.
Tap pants - Soft, very short version of boxing shorts.
Teddy - A one-piece style, similar to a bodysuit.
Thong - Provides coverage in the front of the panty with a thin strap in the back.
Tights - One-piece clinging hosiery, covering the body from the waist to the toe.
Tanga - Two triangles of fabric joined at the hips by thin strips.
Waspie - A belt-like corset designed to create a small waist.

Vertical lines can give the illusion of greater height, horizontal lines give a wider look.

Your Color Choices

Blondes look great in pastel colors, where brunettes can look great in stronger colors like purple and emerald green. Redheads often do best with earthy tones, greens and blues. And almost everyone looks good in black, red or white...
Let your personality and individuality show in your preferences. While shopping, see how the lingerie colors go with your individual hair and skin color. One more thing: always wear 'nude' lingerie under tight white or light colored clothes.

For Large Breasts

Under-wired garments or triangle-shaped bras provide additional support and create visual cleavage. Look for tops made of materials that stretch (Spandex and Lycra) with over the shoulder straps that can adjust, shape and flatten your breasts. If your shoulders are wider than your hips, avoid halter tops.

For Large Bottoms & Hips

Wear darker shades on the bottom and lighter shades on top to give the illusion of balance to hip and shoulder width. To draw your partner's eye upward, wear a long loose gown with a sheer top. Also, choose straight-cut garments and avoid snug styles that emphasize a large bottom.
Halter tops visually widen the shoulders, underwire and push-up designs will aid in the illusion also. Choose styles with trim detailing that can add more definition to your waist. Wear high-cut bottoms and your hips/legs will seem longer.

For Large Tummys

Wear styles that are loose-fitting in the waist. Fancy panties, sexy thongs, or cleavage-enhancing bras will draw the attention to your more attractive areas. You can also use body paint and jewelry to draw attention away from your tummy, or wear a corset to create a slimmer look.

For Small Breasts

It may be best to choose high-cut bottoms to draw attention away from your breast area. Other, breast-emphasizing tops like push-up bras with padded cups, teddies, triangle-shaped bras (tops that tie or hook behind the neck) or baby-dolls create an illusion of more generous curves. You can also try lingerie with ruffles, lace and/or non-sheer bras with a trim. If you are thin, consider wearing garters, they can highlight and define your waist.


Taking Your Measurements

If you want to get well-fitting underwear that doesn't cramp your style or spoil that sleek, clean look under your clothes you need to know your exact size. Even if you think you know it take a moment and measure yourself to discover your proper size.

Have someone else take your measurements ~ the results will be more accurate.

Make sure that you keep the tape measure snug, but not too tight. Lingerie fits perfectly only when it is neither too tight nor too loose.

Wear a bra while measuring the bust size.

It is recommended to have a new measurement once a year.

To order the right Lingerie size you need to take the following measurements ~ See diagram for proper measuring tape placement.

• Full Bust.
Measure the circumference of the fullest part. Make sure that the tape doesn't droop in back.

• Under the Bust
Measure directly under your bust with a snugly held tape measure.

• Waist Size
Keep your waist relaxed and measure at your narrowest part.

• Hip Size
Measure the circumference of your hips around the widest part.





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