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Free stuff for Babies and Expectant Parents

  Here you will find some of the web's best free baby stuff. Good stuff like books, new product samples, coupons and contests, diapers and training pants, baby blankets and bibs, a cool baby photo contest, child ID kits, information for new parents and a lot more...

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Free Subscription to Baby Talk Magazine  [Review] [Poll]  
  Babytalk has all the information expectant and new parents want and need from health and safety issues to the latest and greatest products for baby. And it  [more...]
(Hits: 1034 Visit: 511 Poll Num: 6 Poll Ave: 10.00 Comment: 0 )  ( ) 

Babies Online - Freebies For Parents  [Review] [Poll]  
  Create a web page for your new baby, complete with pictures, instantly and for free! Enter your baby pictures into Babies Online's Photo Contest and win hundreds of dollars in cash and prizes. Free En  [more...]
(Hits: 1002 Visit: 644 Poll Num: 0 Poll Ave: 0.00 Comment: 0 )  ( ) 

Free Gerber Generation Nutrition Kit  [Review] [Poll]  
  Got a Baby on the way? Get a Free Gerber Generation Nutrition Kit ~ The Kits offer nutrition & feeding resources, formula samples, money-saving coupons and more special gifts for you and your baby to  [more...]
(Hits: 30 Visit: 56 Poll Num: 0 Poll Ave: 0.00 Comment: 0 )  ( ) 

Aveeno Essentials Daily Baby Care Kit  [Review] [Poll]  
  Participate in this promotion to get your free kit - Discover natures secret for babys Healthy Skin. New Aveeno Baby essential care for new moms and newborns... Set includes: Daily Moisturizing Lotio  [more...]
(Hits: 60 Visit: 87 Poll Num: 0 Poll Ave: 0.00 Comment: 0 )  ( ) 

Baby’s Only Organic & PediaSmart  [Review] [Poll]  
  Get Free Samples of Baby’s Only Organic & PediaSmart from ~ Nature’s One® will send you two 4-ounce servings of Baby’s Only Organic® or PediaSmart® products. Your request must be submi  [more...]
(Hits: 65 Visit: 63 Poll Num: 0 Poll Ave: 0.00 Comment: 0 )  ( ) 

Gerber Organic Baby Food  [Review] [Poll]  
  Gerber 1st foods organic is certified organic and grown in rich soil, so it is the wholesome way to nourish your baby. Each single pack of Gerber organics is an excellent source of vitamins... From wh  [more...]
(Hits: 70 Visit: 36 Poll Num: 0 Poll Ave: 0.00 Comment: 0 )  ( ) 

Samples and More from Enfamil  [Review] [Poll]  
  Free Baby formula Samples and More from Enfamil ~ Join Enfamil Family Beginnings for free samples of products, Up to $60 in coupons, Monthly emails with expert advice and nutrition information and mo  [more...]
(Hits: 126 Visit: 123 Poll Num: 0 Poll Ave: 0.00 Comment: 0 )  ( ) 

Samples and More from Similac  [Review] [Poll]  
  Free Baby formula Samples and More from Similac ~ Sign up for Similac StrongMoms program for free samples, coupons, and special offers sent to your home. [US Only]  [more...]
(Hits: 139 Visit: 115 Poll Num: 0 Poll Ave: 0.00 Comment: 0 )  ( ) 

Free Infant Formula Samples  [Review] [Poll]  
  Sign up today and receive a free sample of Simply Right Baby Care infant formula ~ Three to choose from. [US Only]  [more...]
(Hits: 152 Visit: 122 Poll Num: 0 Poll Ave: 0.00 Comment: 0 )  ( ) 

CHAD Sticker for Car Seats  [Review] [Poll]  
  As a result of a traffic crash involving a 13-month-old boy named Chad, a safety child identification program was developed. This program encourages CHAD stickers to be placed on your child's car se  [more...]
(Hits: 280 Visit: 238 Poll Num: 0 Poll Ave: 0.00 Comment: 0 )  ( ) 

Bag & Tag from NurseryWater  [Review] [Poll]  
  Limited to 100 Per Day... The reusable Nursery® bag, with storage pouch, is perfect for carrying diapers and wipes, extra clothes or groceries. And, best of all, it is FREE! [USA, U.S. Territories, Ca  [more...]
(Hits: 249 Visit: 401 Poll Num: 0 Poll Ave: 0.00 Comment: 0 )  ( ) 

Free Car Seat ID Tag  [Review] [Poll]  
  The ID card comes with a self sealing laminating pouch with luggage loop to easily attach to any car seat. In the case of an accident the car seat ID tag will give emergency personnel much needed info  [more...]
(Hits: 417 Visit: 455 Poll Num: 0 Poll Ave: 0.00 Comment: 0 )  ( ) 

Free Comfort Gel Samples  [Review] [Poll]  
  Register at this site (follow the link at the bottom) to receive a free sample of Essoula's Aromatherapy Enhanced Ultrasound Comfort Gel in a 250 ml bottle. (It's for when you get an ultrasound) A few  [more...]
(Hits: 462 Visit: 381 Poll Num: 0 Poll Ave: 0.00 Comment: 0 )  ( ) 

Win A Nursery Makeover!  [Review] [Poll]  
  Get the nursery of your dreams. Surfers who participate in this offer can win a $3,500 nursery makeover as well as receive $75.00 in valuable coupons. [US Only]  [more...]
(Hits: 423 Visit: 261 Poll Num: 0 Poll Ave: 0.00 Comment: 0 )  ( ) 

Free Baby Calendar  [Review] [Poll]  
  Follow the link on the left and take a short survey to get your free Baby Calendar from [US Only]  [more...]
(Hits: 475 Visit: 334 Poll Num: 1 Poll Ave: 9.00 Comment: 0 )  ( ) 

Free 'BellyBag' for Expecting Moms  [Review] [Poll]  
  It's your baby's life ~ learn more! take 1 minute get your free bellybag: enter a date and time of contact at the bottom of the form to receive a call and your free belly bag. [US Only]  [more...]
(Hits: 404 Visit: 399 Poll Num: 0 Poll Ave: 0.00 Comment: 0 )  ( ) 

Potty Training Charts, Stickers & More  [Review] [Poll]  
  Download and print these free potty training charts. Stickers or markers can be used to give your child a reward. Checkout all of our Free Potty Training Stuff including Free Potty Training Certificat  [more...]
(Hits: 359 Visit: 492 Poll Num: 0 Poll Ave: 0.00 Comment: 0 )  ( ) 

Free Infant Formula Samples  [Review] [Poll]  
  Mother's milk may be best for baby, but if you need to feed them formula there is no better formula than "Parent's Choice". Follow the Samples link, choose either Milk, Immune Support or Gentle Formula, and fill in the form. [US Only]  [more...]
(Hits: 358 Visit: 248 Poll Num: 0 Poll Ave: 0.00 Comment: 0 )  ( ) 

Free Pampers Coupons & Baby Webpage  [Review] [Poll]  
  Get a free BabiesOnline membership and get Free baby web pages and information on how to get free Pampers Coupons... and a pile of other freebies for new & expecting parents too! [US Only]  [more...]
(Hits: 320 Visit: 197 Poll Num: 0 Poll Ave: 0.00 Comment: 0 )  ( ) 

Free Info Kit for New Parents  [Review] [Poll]  
  CALIFORNIA ONLY. The Kit is a comprehensive resource for new and expecting parents and is based on scientific knowledge about the importance of the early years that you can incorporate into your daily life with your c  [more...]
(Hits: 489 Visit: 416 Poll Num: 0 Poll Ave: 0.00 Comment: 0 )  ( ) 

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