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Free Religious, Spiritual & Inspirational Stuff

  Hello and thanks for stopping by! Here you will find free bible study guides, free posters and kids books, free gospel music and videos, free books and bookmarks and more.

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Deliciously Healthy Family Meals  [Review] [Poll]  
  This new Keep the Beat cookbook contains 40 recipes developed just for the NHLBI, with full-color design throughout and original food photographs. The focus is on family-friendly meals and snacks and  [more...]
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Free Bibles and Christian books  [Review] [Poll]  
  Compliments of the Bibles for America website; several printed booklets, providing the foundation for a rich and meaningful Christian life, and The New Testament Recovery Version. Free copies of th  [more...]
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Free Book: No Longer a Slumdog  [Review] [Poll]  
  Read this gripping narrative that displays the redemptive power of God among the most fragile. This next great wave of transformation is changing the lives of children, their families and entire com  [more...]
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Free Set of 'Keep Calm' Cards  [Review] [Poll]  
  How can we live with confidence in this chaotic, stressful world? We often need a reminder to Keep Calm and... Carry On... Stay Committed... Stay Consistent... or Stay Compassionate. And there is no  [more...]
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Free New Testament Bible  [Review] [Poll]  
  Compliments of Coach Joe Gibbs and just follow the link at the top and fill in the form for a free copy of the New Testament Bible. [US Only]  [more...]
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Bible Study Guide Booklet or Ebook  [Review] [Poll]  
  The Associated Bible Students of Central Ohio are committed to providing Bible study aids for those seeking to know God through the study and application of His word. We are offering a FREE Bible stud  [more...]
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Try ChristianCafe Free for 10 Days!  [Review] [Poll]  
  Christian and Single? Try Free for 10 Days! Readers can sign up for a free trial where they can email at no cost for 10 days. [US & Canada Only]  [more...]
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Free Christian Book Series from Rhema  [Review] [Poll]  
  When you place your first order, you will begin by receiving the first set. You will also receive information to request the second set, and so on for set three. We invite you to read through the enti  [more...]
(Hits: 58 Visit: 102 Poll Num: 0 Poll Ave: 0.00 Comment: 0 )  ( ) 

Free Christian Books from the Discovery Series  [Review] [Poll]  
  Discovery Series offers more than 200 Bible-based teachings from the study of Scripture to topics on everyday life. Each 32-page booklet provides spiritual tools to help you grow in your walk with Chr  [more...]
(Hits: 51 Visit: 99 Poll Num: 0 Poll Ave: 0.00 Comment: 0 )  ( ) 

Bibles or CDs from The Doves Nest  [Review] [Poll]  
  As part of our ongoing mission, we want to send you a free gift. We offer you a copy of the Gospel of John (NIV) booklet, or a two CD set of the Holy Bible (NIV). The choice is yours, but we can only  [more...]
(Hits: 64 Visit: 132 Poll Num: 0 Poll Ave: 0.00 Comment: 0 )  ( ) 

Free Bibles and More  [Review] [Poll]  
  Compliments of and The United States Bible Society... just go to the 'Free Stuff' page and take your pick of the Free Bible Order, the Free Audio Bibles and Free Bible Download (all  [more...]
(Hits: 72 Visit: 237 Poll Num: 0 Poll Ave: 0.00 Comment: 0 )  ( ) 

Free 'Journey to Zion' DVD  [Review] [Poll]  
  We're happy to offer Journey to Zion viewers a free DVD that includes multiple episodes of Journey to Zion covering a wide range of subjects related to Jewish faith and life. Request your free DVD by  [more...]
(Hits: 82 Visit: 92 Poll Num: 0 Poll Ave: 0.00 Comment: 0 )  ( ) 

12 Free 'Slaying The Giants' Scripture Cards  [Review] [Poll]  
  Surround yourself with God’s Word is the key to defeating the giants in your life. This 12 card set includes Scriptures from each of the Dr. Jeremiahs 12 messages on “Slaying the Giants in Your Life.”  [more...]
(Hits: 86 Visit: 197 Poll Num: 2 Poll Ave: 5.50 Comment: 1 )  ( ) 

Free Narrated Bible on DVD  [Review] [Poll]  
  The Words of the Bible are on the screen, so you can read as you listen, and it is sorted by Testament and then by Book. You can skip to whichever section you like, or, you can watch it from start to  [more...]
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Journey to Zion DVD  [Review] [Poll]  
  We're happy to offer Journey to Zion viewers a free DVD that includes multiple episodes of Journey to Zion covering a wide range of subjects related to Jewish faith and life. Request your free DVD by  [more...]
(Hits: 105 Visit: 127 Poll Num: 0 Poll Ave: 0.00 Comment: 0 )  ( ) 

Glo Bible Lite  [Review] [Poll]  
  Experience the Bible like never before ~ Glo is an interactive Bible that brings the text of the Scripture to life through HD video, high-res images, zoomable maps, 360-degree virtual tours, customiza  [more...]
(Hits: 116 Visit: 267 Poll Num: 0 Poll Ave: 0.00 Comment: 0 )  ( ) 

Freebies from the United Church of God  [Review] [Poll]  
  Free Books, Booklets and Ebooks from United Church of God ~ Explore our large library of booklets (33 in all) covering a wide variety of biblical, family, and social issues and themes. All can be eith  [more...]
(Hits: 137 Visit: 287 Poll Num: 0 Poll Ave: 0.00 Comment: 0 )  ( ) 

Turning Points Magazine  [Review] [Poll]  
  With inspirational articles and instructive daily devotionals, Turning Points is unique and fresh each month and provides something for every reader. Based on the radio and television teachings of Dr.  [more...]
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Bible Study Bookmarks, DVDs and More  [Review] [Poll]  
  We have a range of free offers for you depending on your country of residence. Offers include free bible study lessons, bookmarks, DVDs, a magazine subscription and a variety of e-books. [Limited Inte  [more...]
(Hits: 152 Visit: 345 Poll Num: 0 Poll Ave: 0.00 Comment: 0 )  ( ) 

Our Lady of Fatima Online  [Review] [Poll]  
  Free Gifts from Our Lady of Fatima Online ~ We pray that these pious sacramentals and holy objects will bring you ever closer to the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary. May God bless you. Choose from a F  [more...]
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