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Self-Help Resources
  Improving the Mind, Body & Spirit.

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Free Ebook: "55 Ways to Meditate"  [Review] [Poll]  
  "55 Ways to Meditate": Discover Your True Self" By Linda Lavid... This is a primer on meditation to illuminate the landscapes within and beyond. Easily explained and specific, 55 Ways to Meditate, sup  [more...]
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Meditation MP3s  [Review] [Poll]  
  Free MP3s for meditation, dreaming, sleeping, yoga, personal growth, self help, mind development, healing.. About 140 to choose from, compliments of Listen online via streaming media or  [more...]
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Free The Way To Happiness Info Kit  [Review] [Poll]  
  Help Spread Trust, Honesty & Respect... The Way to Happiness, a code of conduct consisting of twenty-one common sense principles for better living, consistently and successfully demonstrates its effec  [more...]
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Virtual Light & Sound Machine  [Review] [Poll]  
  Freeware to help create a 'Virtual Mind Machine' on your computer for deep relaxation... It creates hypnotic pulses that produce a consistent flashrate on the monitor, to help users experience the pur  [more...]
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Nature's Law of Absolute Right  [Review] [Poll]  
  Free Book & Essay Downloads from the Nature's Law of Absolute Right Website... Want to change your life? Download our books or essays... free. Follow nature  [more...]
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Free Online Hypnosis Course  [Review] [Poll]  
  Get your first hypnosis course lesson now, with audio and worksheet downloads and enter a fascinating new world of hypnotic influence. Just enter your details and you will instantly receive the first  [more...]
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Personalized Human Design Chart  [Review] [Poll]  
  The Human Design System, a powerful and inspiring way to realize your full potential... discover yourself in 5 easy steps. [International]  [more...]
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Holosync Meditation Demo CD  [Review] [Poll]  
  The lazy man's way to meditate... Listening to this amazing, scientifically proven brain technology gives you all the benefits of meditation  [more...]
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10 Steps to a Smoke-Free Life (free download)  [Review] [Poll]  
  (Free Download) You know you want to quit smoking... But do you know WHY? For many people who are trying to quit, it helps to have a list of reasons why -- a kind of map that you can turn back to when  [more...]
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Free Sexual Hypnosis Course  [Review] [Poll]  
  Discover the Untold SECRETS of Adult Hypnosis..." How would YOU like to CHANGE your SEX LIFE -- using the POWER of HYPNOSIS? Join our FREE Course, with Bradley Thompson!  [more...]
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Free Motivator Software Download  [Review] [Poll]  
  Begin changing YOUR life and achieving YOUR goals with a SECRET Computer Tool YOU Can Install TODAY... So that you can achieve ABSOLUTELY ANY GOAL, within just TWO WEEKS!! And best of all: it's totally 100% free!  [more...]
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Assorted Self-Development Freebies  [Review] [Poll]  
  Sign up for the free Bradley Thompson Self-Development Newsletter and get a pile of free ebooks, software, a Relaxation Screensaver and other goodies  [more...]
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Two Free Relaxing Hypnosis Downloads  [Review] [Poll]  
  Just signup to the Relax-CD newsletter and get the latest news and offers from the world of relaxation & self-development ~ PLUS, you'll receive TWO relaxing hypnosis downloads FREE of charge!  [more...]
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Free Meditation CD  [Review] [Poll]  
  Just fill in the form to sign up for your free CD from [US Only]  [more...]
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Holistic Expressions Newsletter  [Review] [Poll]  
  A free monthly newsletter from Self-Healing Expressions featuring articles on holistic health and self-help topics.  [more...]
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Transform Your Romantic Destiny  [Review] [Poll]  
  Are you seeking your Soul Mate? The Romantic Resum  [more...]
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Facing The Lost Of A Beloved Pet?  [Review] [Poll]  
  Explore both the myths and the realities surrounding the experience of pet loss, including why it hurts so much and how it differs from other losses in this Self-Healing Expressions email course.  [more...]
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Six Free Self-Hypnosis Downloads  [Review] [Poll]  
  Just go to the site, sign up for the self development newsletter and they send you a link to the free hypnosis MP3s - choose one or all six: * Weight Loss * Unstoppable Self Confidence * Stress Relief  [more...]
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Every day, your subconscious mind picks up messages. No matter what you're doing, your brilliant subconscious mind will pick things up--good or bad--and those things will change you before you even realize what is happening.


The subconscious mind is much more powerful than most of us realize. It has a huge amount of control over our behavior. Each and every day, our subconscious mind determines much of what we do--whether we like it or not.
(Learn More....)


Large retail stores use subliminal messages to reduce theft. Celebrities such as Tiger Woods and Anthony Robbins say that subliminal messages are a key part of their success. If these people can use subliminal messages to help them, so can you!

BETTER YOURSELF WITH THE POWER OF SUBLIMINALS! wants to show YOU how to harness and use the power of subliminal messages through our revolutionary computer software. Our Subliminal Power software is a fully-customizable studio package that will run on any Windows-based computer. Once installed, it silently boots up when you start your computer, and runs in the background. It constantly flashes subtle random-area, low-contrast, 100-millisecond positive subliminal messages while you work, surf the Internet, write letters, or play games.
(Learn More....)


Your conscious mind can't comprehend these messages, but your subconscious instantly understands and acts upon them. With Subliminal Power software, YOU decide what subliminal messages to use--even write them yourself.

When you use Subliminal Power software, you are your own subliminal message editor, creating your own subliminal messaging modules to help you succeed in any area you wish.

** Lose weight without "going on a diet"
** Quit smoking because you want to
** Study more to get better grades
** Be more confident in your work
** Succeed in relationships
** Change bad habits forever
** Create positive change in your life
** Get motivated to do anything you want
** Much More!

In our comprehensive settings screen, you can customize any of the default display options to your exact requirements. There is even a music area, where you can choose which music will play in the background. You don't even have to see the software running--just enjoy the results!

IT CAN WORK FOR YOU! ANYONE can harness the power of subliminal messages.

Subliminal Power software is the world's first of its kind, and we're very proud of it. This is why we're offering you a special limited-time price of just $39.95! Start now to help yourself keep those New Year's resolutions!
(Learn More....)


Subliminal Power software was made for YOU. It will work for YOU. It will help you achieve your goals, no matter what they are. It will quietly change your subconscious, and change your life for the better in whatever areas you choose.

Order Subliminal Power software NOW as an instant download (or on CD with instant download too) Your subconscious holds the key...just unlock the door to begin!

You can pay securely over the Internet using Visa, Mastercard, Delta, Switch, Solo, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, Eurocard, JCB and other cards. You'll also be given the option to pay over the telephone, or by mail through a US or UK cheque.

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