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Free Stuff for Women...

 ..the web's best free stuff for women, including perfume & cosmetic samples, personal care products, catalogs & magazines, free tampons, pads, romance novels & love letters, information on women's issues, menopause help and Much more!

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Vapor Diamond eCigarette Trial Offer  [Review] [Poll]  
  Why Quit? Just Switch! Try Now! Order your starter Kit now and get: * A stainless atomizer with lithium-ion rechargable battery * USB charger * Wall charger * 7 Full-Flavored nicotine cartr  [more...]
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Join  [Review] [Poll]  
  Looking for some of the best deals, samples, contests, and discounts from America´s biggest and best retailers? Your search is over! Sign up today for exclusive American Women´s Freebies!  [more...]
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Free Goodies for Busy Moms  [Review] [Poll]  
  Being a Super Mom just became Super Easy! Busy Moms can install this helpful toolbar for busy moms from - users get parenting tips, family recipes and super money savings discounts! Get this in a  [more...]
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Axe for Her Products  [Review] [Poll]  
  Its here ladies!! Finally AXE as made a girl version. Its limited edition, and smells really good! Get your own Axe for Her products ~ AXE For Her Body Spray, AXE for Her Shower Gel, New Body Wash AX  [more...]
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Free Online Seminar for Women  [Review] [Poll]  
  "What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Menopause/PMS" ~ At Restored Balance, we are constantly adding products to our existing catalog. From time to time we would like to contact you regarding these  [more...]
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VCF Vaginal Contraceptive Film  [Review] [Poll]  
  Coupon for a free Sample of VCF Vaginal Contraceptive Film ~ We stand behind our product and believe that everyone should at least try and see what it's like. That is why we offer this free sample. D  [more...]
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eBook on Intimate Hygiene  [Review] [Poll]  
  An ebook for Women which will inform you about the vagina and the factors that are of influence in this part of the female body. We will advise you on good vaginal hygiene and discuss the most frequen  [more...]
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Sample Package From U by Kotex  [Review] [Poll]  
  Sample pack includes a CleanWear regular pad, a BarelyThere liner and two Click regular tampons. [Continental US Only]  [more...]
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Free Samples from MomSelect  [Review] [Poll]  
  For Moms Only... Sign up to receive free samples to share with friends, host in home parties or review the newest products for moms. [US Only]  [more...]
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Free Gyne-Glo Samples  [Review] [Poll]  
  Just call the 800-number for a sample of the new Gyne-Glo, an all-natural topical lubricant for women. [US Only ? ]  [more...]
(Hits: 266 Visit: 180 Poll Num: 0 Poll Ave: 0.00 Comment: 0 )  ( ) 

Free Pregnancy Planner  [Review] [Poll]  
  If you are pregnant or planning to be the NEW NWHRC Pregnancy Planner is just right for you. Prepare you for each trimester and for when Baby comes home! The 48-page planner includes a 10-month calend  [more...]
(Hits: 257 Visit: 146 Poll Num: 0 Poll Ave: 0.00 Comment: 0 )  ( ) 

"Passport to Your Health" Booklet  [Review] [Poll]  
  Keep your health information organized with HealthyWomen and AANP Passport to Health  [more...]
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Free Sexual Hypnosis Course  [Review] [Poll]  
  Discover the Untold SECRETS of Adult Hypnosis..." How would YOU like to CHANGE your SEX LIFE -- using the POWER of HYPNOSIS? Join our FREE Course, with Bradley Thompson!  [more...]
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Free MenopauseRx Survival Kit  [Review] [Poll]  
  Sign up for the kit to receive free educational materials, full size samples and coupons for products to relieve menopause symptoms and address pertinent health concerns. [US Only]  [more...]
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"Busy Mom Stress Relief" Kit  [Review] [Poll]  
  Sign up for their newsletter and get a wide assortment of "Stress Relief Treats Made Just For Moms" from [US Only]  [more...]
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Mouthwash & Oral Care Sample Kit  [Review] [Poll]  
  Your current mouthwash and toothpaste could be causing your breath to get worse, NOT better! Take advantage of the Free Trial and receive an Oxygenating Oral Rinse, TheraBreath Toothpaste, a Custom To  [more...]
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Freebies for Writers  [Review] [Poll]  
  Subscribe to the Smart Writer's Newsletter and get free software, ebooks and more ~ perfect for professional authors, new writers, screenplay writers and short story writers!  [more...]
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VirtuaGuy desktop Hunks  [Review] [Poll]  
  Get the net's most beautiful guys on your desktop! Free Download. More than 60 characters. You want a hot guy just for you everyday? Then get VirtuaGuy2 on your desktop!  [more...]
(Hits: 456 Visit: 278 Poll Num: 0 Poll Ave: 0.00 Comment: 0 )  ( ) 

Cool Site: A Moms Love  [Review] [Poll]  
  Online magazine for Moms... grab a cup of coffee or herbal tea and cozy up to read inspirational stories by inspirational moms. They've got several pages of good freebies too.  [more...]
(Hits: 279 Visit: 236 Poll Num: 1 Poll Ave: 3.00 Comment: 0 )  ( ) 

Great site for teen girls  [Review] [Poll] ~ Lots of fun and age-appropriate information for teen-age girls. Plus a free feminine protection pack and period information that every young woman should know. (Site is divided into yo  [more...]
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