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Welcome to the "Game Room"

 On this page we will try to save you some time and link directly to the start page of the games. Take your pick of any game or game portal listed and start playing with one or maybe two clicks!   Have Fun!

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Ultimate Baseball

Play Tic Tac Toe
Tic Tac Toe

Play Ultimate Chopper
Ultimate Chopper

Play Ultimate Mega Hoops
Mega Hoops

Zoo Escape

Play The Pizza Guy
The Pizza Guy

Play Toastache XMas
Toastache XMas

Play Rex Run
Rex Run

Youda Survivor

Play Sky Patrol
Sky Patrol

Play Sudoku Sunrise
Sudoku Sunrise

Play Ninjufo

Play Granny's BBQ
Granny's BBQ

Play Turtle Rescue
Turtle Rescue

Play Air Patrol
Air Patrol

Play Ultimate Doodle Man
Ultimate Doodle Man

Play Fireworks

Play Droptris

Crystal Clear

Governor of Poker 2

Play Hit Logic
Hit Logic

Play Chomper

Play Ultimate Billiards 2
Ultimate Billiards 2

Play Cone Crazy
Cone Crazy

Battle Over Berlin 2

Play Tetrix 2 Egyptian
Tetrix 2 Egyptian

Play Bloxorz

Play Puzzbots

Play Pirate Gem
Pirate Gem

Turkey To Go!

Play Troy

Play 1i

Play Bloomin' Gardens
Bloomin' Gardens

Play Connect 1001
Connect 1001

Play The Champions 3D - World Cup 2010
Champions 3D

Play Youda Safari
Youda Safari

Nanny In Space

Mindfields 3 - Aftermath

Play Magic Balls
Magic Balls


Play Final Knockout
Final Knockout

Play Electricman 2 HS
Electricman 2

Play Kaban Racetrack
Kaban Racetrack

Play Mustache Warrior
Mustache Warrior

Play 501 Darts
501 Darts

Play Ultimate Crush
Ultimate Crush

Play Enduro 3Enduro 3

Play Penguin War
Penguin War

Play Brick Galaxy
Brick Galaxy

Play Pig Wars
Pig Wars

Play Rail of War
Rail of War


Win M&Ms for a Year


School Bus License

Play Alien Guard 2
Alien Guard 2

Drive your Monster Truck
Monster Trucks Nitro 2

Play Dirt Bike 2
Dirt Bike 2

Play Pig on the Rocket
Pig on the Rocket

Play Monsters Gone Wild
Monsters Gone Wild

Play Easter Egg Hop
Easter Egg Hop

Play Payback

Play Fly Pie
Fly Pie

Play Cheese Hunt
Cheese Hunt

Play The Missile Game 3D
Missile 3D

Play Bridge 2
Bridge 2

Bubble Wrap


Games on other websites, including Multiplayer Games and other Game Directories

NESCafe Play
Fun, Free Online Games

TinierMe Game Portal ~ Where You Can Cruise Around With Your Own "Selfy", A Cute Anime Avatar

Armor Games
Free Online Games

Classic Arcade Games
Play Donkey Kong, Asteroids, Pac Man and other classic games from the late 70's and early 80's... PLUS - get free game wallpapers, sound effects and icons to jazz up your PC!

Bubble Shooter

Fun Tennis Game by

World of Solitaire
About fifty games and dozens of card designs.

Play Freeciv Online
  Freeciv is an open-source turn-based strategy game inspired by the history of human civilization.

Play Quest for Yap
Free space strategy game involving trading, diplomacy and warfare. Features include a quest for the near-mythical planet YAP and an Evil Galaxy where the slave trade flourishes.

Netrek Free Multiplayer Online Space Battle Game.
  Up to 16 people team up to play with and against each other to see who can take the other teams planets first. Versions for Windows, Mac, and Linux available.

Artemis Fowl Online Game
 Thanks Amanda!  How well do you know Artemis Fowl? Click inside the tunnel and enter to play the "What Would Artemis Fowl Do?" decoder game and put your knowledge to the test.

Play City Creator|
(Similar to SimCity) - Play Thousands Of Free Games Right In Your Browser. Earn Achievements, Chat With Friends, Win At Life!

Play Dot-to-Dot
It's the classic connect-the-dots game - now played with a mouse

NESbox ~ Free Online Nintendo Entertainment System Emulator

Free Web Sudoku puzzles
Thanks Katrina!  Choose from Easy, Medium, Hard and even Evil Jigsawdoku.

Human Age simulation game / free virtual management game
 Thanks Amanda!  Adopt a human being and help him or her through various ages of mankind, from prehistory to the 21st century, from learning how to use a club to your driver's license.

Play Sim City Classic Online for Free

Play Chosen Space
  Chosen Space is a free, web-based, massively multiplayer strategy game that gives you the freedom to play in whatever way you wish: from becoming a Bounty Hunter to joining a Faction, making an honest living trading to smuggling Illegal Cargo.

Several Online Games - There are several to play, but the best is RuneScape, you can play for free, or upgrade to the subscription service, but they don't bug you to buy stuff.

America's Army: Special Forces - Created and designed by the United States Army, this multiplayer game is in a class all its own for its realistic gameplay and detail.

250 Free Online PC Games
Pick any game screen shot and click to play!

Bushtarion ~ Free Online Multiplayer Game
 Thanks Chris!  Bushtarion is an online multiplayer strategy war game that is played entirely through your web browser - no downloads, no java applets, nothing that needs to be installed on your PC, and no complicated graphics... Free Online Games
Thanks Tom!  We specialize in only the best free online games, all handpicked by our resident Ninja! Free membership benefits include: Submit high scores, Exclusive challenges, Comment on games, Reduced adverts...

BigPoint Game Portal ~ Play online or off, register now for free! Plunge right into complex game worlds ~ you'll be blown away by the awesome 3D graphics and exciting games. No downloads or CDs required. [Available in ten languages]

Free Softendo Games - Nintendo-Style Game Clones - Mario, Sonic, Megaman, Naruto...

ApplecartGames ~ For game players of all ages
Free online games including word whomp, solitaire, dominoes, chess, and more.

Web Games City
Hundreds of links to games playable over the web.
Play lots of different games on the internet. Arcade games, Shoot em Up ones, Jigsaws of different types and sport games all free to play and you can even download some of them.
Free games, cash and prizes, family-oriented fun.

Arcade Studio
3D Arcade games free downloads, pacman, bomberman, lines and other 3d games












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