About AbbysGoodStuff

Abbys Good Stuff is: Good freebies for your entire family… Free Product Samples, Software, CDs, DVDs, Printables, Books & eBooks, Magazines and Much more!!

This website has been online, finding and listing free stuff, interesting and amusing websites and the best online deals since August of 2002.

Abbys Good Stuff is Not: a ‘corporate’ website with a bunch of people in an office running ten or fifty websites… I’m just one person, with a hobby.

So sometimes it takes a while to get to an email, or make a needed page update: that’s just the way it is.

I have a life offline: a full-time job (where I can sometimes get online and do stuff anyway), a family and a house to take care of too.

People often ask: “Where do you find all this stuff?”

Free things are given away on the internet every day – thousands of goodies… but where does all this come from? And, perhaps more importantly, why?

Companies give away totally free stuff for their own reasons, but the offers usually fall into these three groups:

1) They want your opinion about something… you take a survey, you get a premium of some sort.

2) They want you as a future customer and/or as a returning visitor… so they give away free product samples, free printable stuff, free software, run a sweepstakes or whatever they can think of to make you want to come back.

3) They want massive amounts of demographic data (think: Google)… so they give you a free service of some kind and collect your (non-personal) data.

My Mission:

abbys-good-stuff.com is here to help you easily and quickly find the best free stuff that is currently available and that pertains to the subjects you’re most interested in.

Whether you’re looking for free baby stuff or goodies for your pets, printable calendars or printable chore charts, free household product samples or product testing opportunities, free books or magazines, free software, the best free online services of all kinds or whatever you’re searching for… I’ve got it listed or I will be getting it listed!

So be sure to bookmark this site, sign up for the email updates, or get updates via RSS, join me on facebook or GooglePLUS, and/or register; there are new freebie offers added almost every day!